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Description: Microprocessors
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M. Krishna Kumar MM/M3/LU9a/V1/2004 1
Compatible with All Intel and Most other Microprocessors
Handles Inputs from DC to 10 MHz
8 MHz 8254
10 MHz 8254-2
Status Read-Back Command
Six Programmable Counter Modes
Three Independent 16-Bit Counters
Binary or BCD Counting
Single a 5V Supply
Standard Temperature Range
M. Krishna Kumar MM/M3/LU9a/V1/2004 2
The Intel 8254 is a counter/timer device designed to solve
the common timing control problems in microcomputer
system design.
It provides three independent 16-bit counters, each capable
of handling clock inputs up to 10 MHz.
All modes are software programmable. The 8254 is a
superset of the 8253.
The 8254 uses HMOS technology and comes in a 24-pin
plastic or CERDIP package.
8254 (cont..)
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