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Description: This lecture is part of lecture series delivered by Narayan Singh for Java Programming course at Cochin University of Science and Technology. It includes: Abstract, Window, Toolkit, Swing, Cross-platform, Common, Functionality, Implementation, Foundation, Classes
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AWT and Swing
Most GUI class libraries in C++ are platform specific
Different hardware capabilities
Subtle differences between the "look-and-feel" of various
Windowing operating systems
Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) is cross-platform
Swing can observe various OS look-and-feel conventions
Common functionality/specific implementation approach
Toolkit -------------------------------------------------- AWT
Button List JVM
| | Native GUI
Button Peer List Peer (Windows, Mac, X)
AWT GUI classes are platform-independent elements
Each AWT platform-specific toolkit comes with peer class
implementing platform-specific behavior of its AWT class
Combining platform-independent AWT class with
platform-specific peer class transforms generic, abstract windows
behavior into specific, particular behavior
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