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Description: These are the lecture slides of Biology. Key important points are: Adaptations Xerophytes, Transport, Pattern of Mass Loss, Plant Adaptations to Habitats, Mesophytes, Halophytes, Plants Adapted to Freshwater Habitat, Leaf Undersurface, Number of Stomata
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Aims of the session:
Take measurements of leaves + see if xerophytes have
a different pattern of mass loss
Learn about the adaptations xerophytes have
See what type of question they can ask about
xerophytes (and be able to answer it)
Plant adaptations to habitats
Plants in different habitats possess different adaptations:
Mesophytes: plants adapted to a habitat with adequate
Xerophytes: plants adapted to a dry habitat
Halophytes: plants adapted to a salty habitat
Hydrophytes: plants adapted to a freshwater habitat
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