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Description: These are the lecture slides of Biology. Key important points are: Alimentary Canal, Nutrition, Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats, Amino Acids, Starch Molecules, Growth and Repair of Cells, Mechanical Digestion, Chemical Digestion, Parts of Alimentary Canal
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The Alimentary Canal
Standard Grade Biology
Can you sort out the statements into True
and False?
proteins and fats are
all made up of carbon,
hydrogen, nitrogen and
oxygen. Starch is a large
carbohydrate molecule
Fats are made up of
smaller units called
amino acids
Proteins are made up
of one or more glucose
molecules Starch molecules can
be broken down by
Proteins are important
for the growth and
repair of cells
Can you name the 2 different ways we
breakdown food in our bodies?
1. Mechanical Digestion
2. Chemical Digestion
-stomach acid
1. Parts of The Alimentary Canal
The alimentary canal (or gut) is the tube
within the body through which food passes
and is processed in various ways
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