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Description: Anaerobic Cultivation, Anaerobic Infections, Anaerobic Environment, Anaerobic Culture Media, Sampling and Transport, Bacteria in Relation, Obligate Anaerobic, Microaerophilic are the important key points of lecture slides of Microbiology.
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Practical 7 ST
anaerobic cultivation
Bacteria in relation to oxygen
Anaerobic infections - sampling and transport
- establishing of anaerobic environment
- anaerobic culture media,
- procedure: inoculation, isolation
Bacteria in relation to oxygen
Obligate aerobic -require gaseous oxygen, cannot grow
without oxygen
Obligate anaerobic - oxygen is toxic for them.
Methabolic pathway used for gaining energy is
fermentatio with production of foul-smelling end
Facultative anaerobic - able to adapt to aerobic or
Microaerophilic - require reduced oxygen tension
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