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Description: These are the important key points of lecture slides of Botany are:Angiosperm Plant Body, Structure and Development, Formation of Embryo, Mature Embryo and Seed, Embryo to Adult, Outer Layers of Diploid, Wall of Megasporangium, Megagametophyte of Angiosperms, Embryo Development, Embryo Proper
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The Angiosperm Plant Body
Structure and development
Formation of embryo
Mature embryo and seed
Embryo to adult
In most angiosperms, the ovule consists of three layers of tissue:
1.Integuments - two outer layers of diploid (2N) tissue that will develop into the seed
2.Nucellus - the wall of megasporangium, also diploid (2N).
3.Embryo sac - also call the megagametophyte of angiosperms, consists of only 7 cells.
Contains 8 haploid nuclei in all.