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Description: Its the important key points of Basic Biology are: Cell Structure, Fundamental Units of Life, Plasma Membrane, Cytoplasm, Region of DNA, Eukaryotic Cells, Lipid Bilayer, Cell’s Outermost Membrane, Foundation of Cell Membranes, Semifluid Substance
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Cell Structure
Chapter 3
3.2 What, Exactly, Is a Cell?
Cells are the fundamental units of all life
All cells start life with a plasma membrane,
cytoplasm, and a region of DNA which, in
eukaryotic cells only, is enclosed by a nucleus
Cell Structure
A plasma membrane surrounds the cell and
controls which substances move in and out
Plasma membrane
A cell’s outermost membrane
Lipid bilayer
Structural foundation of cell membranes; mainly
phospholipids arranged tail-to-tail in a bilayer
An important part of homeostasis is
maintaining the composition of cytoplasm,
which differs from fluid outside the cell
Semifluid substance enclosed by a cell’s plasma
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