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Description: These are the important key points of lecture slides of Pharmacology are: Central Nervous System, Pain Threshold and Tolerance, Drug Dependency, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Reyes Syndrome, Opioid Drugs, Nonopioid Analgesics, Inflammatory Response, Major Side Effects
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Central Nervous System
o Pain: acute and chronic.
o Pain threshold and tolerance
o Pain assessment, tools and nursing responsibilities
o Psychologic and physical drug dependency
o Rheumatoid arthritis
o Reyes Syndrome
o Gout
Opioid Drugs: Morphine Sulfate. Meperidine, Codeine
o Adverse effects
o Contraindications
o Treatment of toxicity or overdose: Naloxone
o Nursing responsibility when administering
o How are morphine and Meperidine different?
Nonopioid analgesics
o Acetaminophen: action, toxicity, treatment of overdose
Anesthetic drugs: fentanyl
Inflammatory response: prostaglandin and leukotrienes
How do they work
Two major side effects
Allopurinol used to treat gout: client teaching
Drugs used in arthritis
o Naproxen
o Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs
Medication Calculations
Grains to grams
Calculating number of pills per dose
Drawing up meds from vials / elixir
Changing pounds to kilograms
Loading dose and maintenance dose
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