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Social Psychology

Description: Keywords in this lecture are: Conformity and Obedience, Conformity, Obedience, Predicts Conformity, Lai Massacre, Varieties of Conformity, Autokinetic Phenomenon, Contagious Yawning, Group Pressure, Morality of Teacher
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Social Psychology
Conformity and Obedience
What is conformity?
What are the classic conformity and obedience
What predicts conformity?
Why conform?
Who conforms?
Do we ever want to be different?
The My Lai Massacre
During the Vietnam War, as during any war, many
acts of brutality were committed by soldiers on both
sides; and most people seem to realize this.
Nevertheless, one particularly horrifying incident
appalled people around the world. On March 16th,
1968, American soldiers killed hundreds of people
living in a village called My Lai. According to Paul
Meadlo, a soldier who participated in the shootings,
the leader of the operation, Lieutenant William Calley,
ordered his men to shoot everyone in the village:
The My Lai Massacre
Question: He told this to all of you, or to you particularly?
Answer: Well, I was facing him. So, but the other three, four
guys heard it and so he [Calley] stepped back about ten, fifteen
feet, and he started shooting them. And he told me to start
shooting. So I started shooting, I poured about four clips into
the group....
Question: And you killed how many? At that time?
Answer: Well, I fired them automatic, so you can‟t — You just
spray the area on them and so you can‟t know how many you
killed „cause they were going fast. So I might have killed ten or
fifteen of them.
Question: Men, women, and children?
Answer: Men, women, and children.
The My Lai Massacre
Question: And babies?
Answer: And babies....
Question: Now, you‟re rounding up more?
Answer: We‟re rounding up more, and we had about seven or eight people.
And we was going to throw them in the hootch, and well, we put them in the
hootch and then we dropped a hand grenade down there with them. And
somebody holed up in the ravine, and told us to bring them over to the
ravine.... [T]hey had about seventy, seventy-five people all gathered up. So
we threw ours in with them and Lieutenant Calley told me, he said, “Soldier,
we got another job to do.” And so he walked over to the people, and he
started pushing them off and started shooting.... And so we started pushing
them off, and we started shooting them, so all together we just pushed them
all off, and just started using automatics on them....
(New York Times, November 25, 1969; transcript of CBS Network Radio
interview of Paul Meadlo by Mike Wallace, November 24, 1969)
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