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Social Psychology

Description: Keywords in this lecture are: Conformity and Obedience, Conformity, Obedience, Predicts Conformity, Lai Massacre, Varieties of Conformity, Autokinetic Phenomenon, Contagious Yawning, Group Pressure, Morality of Teacher
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Social Psychology
Conformity and Obedience
What is conformity?
What are the classic conformity and obedience
What predicts conformity?
Why conform?
Who conforms?
Do we ever want to be different?
The My Lai Massacre
During the Vietnam War, as during any war, many
acts of brutality were committed by soldiers on both
sides; and most people seem to realize this.
Nevertheless, one particularly horrifying incident
appalled people around the world. On March 16th,
1968, American soldiers killed hundreds of people
living in a village called My Lai. According to Paul
Meadlo, a soldier who participated in the shootings,
the leader of the operation, Lieutenant William Calley,
ordered his men to shoot everyone in the village:
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