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Description: This is the Lecture Slides of Personal Financial Planning Dealing With Cra and the Tax Collectors, Tax Returns, Payment of Tax, Electronic Filing, Source Withholdings, Electronic Tax Payments etc. Key important points are:Credit and Debt Management, Learning Goals, Basic Concepts of Credit, Improper Use of Credit, Establishing Credit, Types of Open Account Credit, Bank Credit Cards, Credit Cards, Charge Accounts, Revolving Credit Lines
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Credit and Debt Management
Review of learning goals
Key chapter terms and definitions
Basic concepts of credit
Improper use of credit
Establishing credit
Types of open account credit
Bank credit cards
Rebate (co-branded) credit cards
Other credit cards and charge accounts
Debit cards
Revolving credit lines
Opening an account
Internet links and on-line resources
Chapter 6 - Learning Goals
1. Describe the reasons for using consumer credit, and identify its
benefits and problems.
2. Develop a plan to establish a strong credit history.
3. Distinguish among the different forms of open account credit.
4. Understand how to choose the right credit cards and recognize
their advantages and disadvantages.
5. Understand how to avoid credit problems, how to protect
yourself against credit card fraud, and understand the personal
bankruptcy process.
Key Chapter Terms
Debt safety ratio
Open account credit
Credit limit
Credit statement
Bank credit card
Line of credit
Cash advance
Balance transfer
Rebate (co-branded) credit card
Grace period
Retail charge card
Prestige cards
Affinity cards
Secured (collateralized credit cards)
Student credit card
Debit card
Prepaid card
Revolving line of credit
Overdraft protection line
Unsecured personal credit line
Home equity credit line
Credit investigation
Credit bureau
Annual percentage rate (APR)
Average daily balance method
Daily balance method
Consumer proposal
Straight bankruptcy
Personal bankruptcy
Credit counsellor
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