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Description: These are the Lecture Slides of Operating Systems which includes Sleeping Barber Problem, Waiting Customers, Chair and Sleeps, Barber Is Sleeping, New Customer Arrives, Barber Shop Hints, Customer Threads, Barber Invokes, Thread Invoking etc.Key important points are: Deadlock and Starvation, Potential Deadlock, Actual Deadlock, Deadlock, Triggered, Typically Involves, Competing, Resources, Efficient Solution, Bad News
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Operating Systems
Lecture 14:
Deadlock and Starvation
Potential Deadlock
I need quad
A and B
I need quad
B and C
I need quad
C and B
I need quad
D and A
Actual Deadlock
HALT until B
is free
HALT until C
is free
HALT until D
is free
HALT until A
is free
A set of processes is deadlocked when each
process in the set is blocked awaiting an event
that can only be triggered by another blocked
process in the set
Typically involves processes competing for the
same set of resources
The bad news: no efficient solution
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