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Law and Criminology

Description: These are the lecture slides of Criminological Theory. Key important points are: Early Positivism, Biology and Crime, Sociological Criticism and Dominance, New Directions, Biological Research, Biosocial Interactions, Born Criminal, Darwinistic Theory, Supermale, Cross Fostering Analysis
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Biology and Crime
Early Positivism: the legacy of the early 1900s
Sociological Criticism and Dominance
New Directions in Biological research
Biosocial Interactions
Early Biological Positivism
Lombroso’s “born criminal”
Darwinistic theory of “atavism
Various theories of the “feeble-minded
Charles Goring, E.A. Hooten
body stature and weight
The XYY supermale
Commonality? 1 immutable factor directly causes
Biology from 1940-1980s
Any hint of “biological research” was ridiculed,
ignored, treated as “taboo.
Akers: this criticism was warranted
The use of “knowledge destruction?
1990s-present: rebirth of biological research
Is modern biological research or theory any
Is Crime “inherited?
Twin Studies
Christianson (1977)
“Concordance” rates: MZ (36%), DZ (12%)
Criticism of twin studies?
Adoption studies
cross fostering” analyses
criminal history of biological parents vs. adoptive
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