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Description: Economic Importance of Bryophytes, Liverworts and Hornworts, Glomeromycota, Sphagnidae, Sphagnum Dressings, Important in Hydrodynamics, Bog Formation, Sphagnum Ion-Exchange Mechanism are the important key points of lecture slides of Evolution of Plants.
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Economic Importance of Bryophytes
I. Liverworts and hornworts: not much! (but many contain N-
fixing cyanobacteria, important in ecosystem nutrient
availability; some are mycorrhizal with Glomeromycota)
II. SPHAGNIDAE: "economic" importance
1. Important in hydrodynamics of large areas of especially
northern hemisphere - bogs and “muskeg.
2. Sphagnum dressings, in medicine, shoes and diapers
III. Other mosses, various other uses
a) open pond, slow-moving stream: margins with
floating aquatics, especially Carex spp. with roots
anchored in Sphagnum
b) Sphagnum builds above (growth) and below
(death and deposition) water-line; enables margin to
grow inwards
c) increased Sphagnum growth allows colonization
of mat by bog shrubs, and eventually conifers such as
black spruce & tamarack
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