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Microprocessor and Interfacing

Description: The important point in the lecture slides of the Microprocessor Based Systems are:Editing and Assembler, Covered, Instructions, Translating, Assembler Code File, Execution, Input, Data File, Fields, Various
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Lecture Overview
Editing and Assembler
So far have covered the assembler language
instructions and translating a program to
Creating the assembler code file
What goes on during the execution of the assembler
REF: Chapter 4.10 and 4.11
Assembler language files
Translated HLL to assembler.
Edit the assembler language program into an
This is sometimes called a source file
What is done with the source file?
It is input as a data file to a program called and
Most times you simply use a simple text editor and set
up the various fields at tabs.
The file is save as name.asm typically.
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