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Description: Electromagnetic Radiation, Decreasing Frequency, Violet Light, Radio Waves, Green Light, Wavelength of Light, Debroglie Wavelength of Electron, Certain Atom Loses, Burst of Light. This quiz has got few questions and empty space for answers as well. Hints to questions in this quiz are given above.
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1. 5 pts. Place the following types of electromagnetic radiation in order of decreasing frequency:
violet light (violet), microwaves, radio waves, uv light (uv), green light (green)
> > > >
2. 5 pts. What is the wavelength of light that has frequency equal to 2.38 x 1016 Hz?
3. 5 pts. What is the deBroglie wavelength of an electron (mass 9.11 x 10-31 kg) travelling 972 km/s?
4. 5 pts. What is the wavelength of light that emerges when a certain atom loses 9.83 x 10-20 J of energy when
relaxing from an excited state to a lower state?
5. 5 pts. How many photons are contained in a burst of light at 689 nm from a lamp that contains 609 kJ of
6. 5 pts. The energy of hydrogen atom in atomic units is given as
, where n is a non-zero positive
integer. What is the wavelength of light given off when hydrogen drops from the n=3 to n=1 level? One
atomic unit of energy is equal to 4.359 x 10-18 J.
7. 5 pts. How many different orbitals in a given atom can have an n=4 quantum number? ________
8. 5 pts. How many orbitals can have each of the sets of quantum numbers given below?
________ n = 2, l = 1
________ n = 4, l = 0
________ n = 3, l = 3
________ n = 5, l = 2
________ n = 3, ml = +1
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