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Engineering Economics

Description: The main points are:Engineering Education and Professions, Profile of Engineering, Educational Trends, Common Students’ Mistakes, Trend of Increasing Enrollment, Present Employment, Bachelor Degrees, Career Expectations, Job Location
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Profile of an Engineering
Education and Professions
Describe the educational trends in engineering,
such as, enrollment rates and the number of
earned bachelor degrees.
Describe the current and future state of
engineering employment.
Explain factors that influence undergraduate
academic performance.
Describe the steps you can take to have a
successful undergraduate career and to prepare
for your professional career.
Profile of an Engineering Education
and Professions
Getting informed is important since you
need to:
Determine if you wish to pursue a career in
Make a more informed decision when choosing
your major.
Take necessary steps towards a successful
engineering career.
Engineering Education and the
Profession of Engineering
Common students mistakes:
Enter University with little knowledge of
University expectations.
Lacking sufficient information about career
Complete their degree without the necessary
tools and experience needed to compete in the
job market.
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