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Analytical Chemistry

Description: This project report is for Analytical Chemistry course. It was submitted to Nandini Sarabhai at Acharya Nagarjuna University. It includes: Chemical, Agents, Control, Ecaluation, Antiseptics, Filter, Paper, Disk, Method, Staphylococus
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“Chemical Agents of Control: Evaluation of
Antiseptics by Filter paper disk Method”
This is certify that Project entitled” Chemical Agents of Control: Evaluation
of Antiseptics by Filter paper disk Method”
Submitted by:
Isha Sharma
In the partial submission for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biotechology.
This project has been prepared under our supervision and guidance. It is also
certified that.
The project is the result of the candidate “Own work” & is of sufficient high
standard to warrant its presentation for the examination.
Submitted to: Mrs Jagriti
Project Guide (Project guide)
Lect. Biotech Deptt. Lect. Biotech Deptt.
Department of Biotechnology
Hindu Girls College – Jagadhri
Session – 2006-07
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