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Description: This presentation is for final year project to complete degree in Computer Science. It emphasis on Applications of Computer Sciences. It was supervised by Ambalika Virochan at Bengal Engineering and Science University. It includes: Facial, Expression, Recognition, Classification, Face, Acquisition, Classification, Extraction
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Facial Expression Recognition: An Overview
Facial expression recognition deals with the
classification of facial features into classes based
on visual information.
Guessing the meaning of facial deformations
Three phases of recognition:
Face Acquisition
Facial Feature Extraction
Expression Classification
Facial Expression Analysis framework
Most of the facial expression recognition systems
make use a simple facial expression analysis
Facial Expression Recognition Techniques
Researchers in the recent past have been
trying to automate this task on a computer.
Approaches for facial expression analysis
from both static images and video have been
proposed in the literature.
Researchers are using a combination of
image/ video processing techniques, along
with machine learning techniques like artificial
Neural Networks.
Facial Expression Recognition Techniques
Feature Extraction Techniques:
Feature Point Tracking
Optical Flow
Expression Classification Techniques:
Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ).
Support Vector Machines (SVM)
Hidden Markov Models (HMM)
Feed-Forward Back Propagation Network
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