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Digital Image Processing

Description: Dr. Chittaranjan Verma delivered this lecture for Digital Image Processing course at B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology. It includes: Full, Image, Processing, Digital, Image, Components, Represented, Function, Spatial, Coordinates
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Full color image processing
Color image mathematical representation
Let c represent an arbitrary color in the RGB color space,
the color components can be represented as a function of
spatial coordinates (x,y)
(, ) (, )
(, ) (, ) (, )
(, )
(, )
for 0 1, 0 1
cxy Rxy
xy c xy Gxy
xM yN
 
Full color image processing
Two major categories of full-color image processing
Per-color-component processing
Process each component image individually form a
composite processed color image
Vector-based processing
Work with color pixels (as a vector) directly
To make results of two approaches equivalent:
The image processing method has to be applicable to both
vectors and scalars
The operation on each component of a vector must be
independent of the other components
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