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Description: Gender and Sexuality, Gender Pay Gaps, Heterosexuals, Intersexuals, Sexual Harassment, Occupations, Gender Stratification, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Glass Ceiling. This is quiz for Sociological Imagination. Some points from quiz are given above.
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CHAPTER 9 Gender and Sexuality
Fill in the Blank
Select the missing terms from each section and place them in the correct blank space.
Section 1
Asexual Bisexuals Discrimination
Educational Emotions Gender identity
Gender pay gaps Gender stratification Glass ceiling
Heterosexuals Homosexuals Identity
Intersexuals Occupations Pregnancy
Roles Sex Gender Sexism
Sexual harassment Sexual identity Sexual orientation
Transgendered Transsexuals Transvestites
_________ refers to the biological categories of male and female. _________ refers to the socially
approved behaviors for women and men. Gender _________ is our self definition as a woman or a
man. Most Americans believe women are more emotional than men; in fact, both sexes experience
_________ just as deeply. However, due to gender _________ - the characteristics, attitudes,
feelings, and behaviors that society expects of females and males women tend to be more open
about their emotions than men.
_________, an attitude or behavior that discriminates against one sex, usually women, based on the
assumed superiority of the other sex. Sexism is widespread due to _________ people’s unequal
access to wealth, power, and other valued resources because of their sex.
In the workplace, there are large _________. Women earn less than men at all educational levels, but
the gender pay gap increases as the level of _________ attainment increases. Numerous women
experience _________, or unwanted sexual advance, request for sexual favors for example. Women
also experience _________ discrimination.
The wage gap can be partially explained by differences in education, experience, and time in the labor
force, but about 41 percent of the gap is the result of sex _________ in hiring, promotion and pay, bias
against mothers, and occupational segregation. Many believe that women choose fields which pay less,
but women have lower earnings than men in both high- and low-paying _________. Women get stuck
under a _________ an invisible barrier blocking women from promotions.
_________ is the way we think of ourselves as male or female and the ways that we express our sexual
values, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs. Most people’s sexual identity corresponds with their biological
sex and their _________ but not always. Our sexual identity incorporates a _________ towards
sexual partners of the same sex (_________), partners of the other sex (_________) or partners of both
sexes (_________). If individuals lack any interest in sex, they are considered _________.
Heterosexuality is the predominant sexual orientation worldwide, but homosexuality exists in all
known cultures.
_________ people includes _________, or people born with one biological sex but who live as
another sex, _________, people whose medical classification at birth is not clearly either male or
female, and _________, people who cross-dress at times but don't necessarily consider themselves a
member of the opposite sex.
CHAPTER 9 Gender and Sexuality
Fill in the Blank
Select the missing terms from each section and place them in the correct blank space.
Section 2
Abortion Abortion rate Anti-abortion
Civil unions Consciousness Decide
Discrimination Endangers Gay bashing
Harmless Heterosexism Higher
Homophobia Mental Obscene
Pornography Postpartum depression Risk
Same-sex marriage Sexual scripts Violence
Most of us have internalized _________, which are the formal or informal norms for socially
acceptable sexual activity.
_________ is a belief that heterosexuality is superior to and more natural than homosexuality or
bisexuality. Evidence of this is seen in the arguments against same-sex marriage. _________ is the fear
and hatred of homosexuality. While continuing to be widespread, it is less common than in the past.
Some examples of homophobia include _________ (threats, assaults, or acts of violence directed at
homosexuals). Job _________ against GLBTs has decreased in recent years.
_________ is the expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus (intentionally or unintentionally).
U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion in its Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. The _________ has
declined steadily since 1981. _________ groups believe that the embryo or fetus is a human being from
the time of conception and has a right to live and that abortion _________ a woman’s physical and
emotional health.
Abortion rights advocates believe that, at the moment of conception, the organism lacks a brain or
_________ and that a pregnant woman has the right to _________ what will happen to her body.
Abortions performed in the first trimester pose virtually no long-term _________ of physical
problems; for women who have abortions, the risk of _________ health problems after an abortion was
no greater than having a baby and undergoing normal _________.
_________ is a legally recognized marriage between two people of the same sex. Some states have
legalized _________ giving gay couples the same legal rights as married couples. Opposition to same-
sex marriage is considerably _________ among those who have conservative views on family issues.
_________ is the graphic depiction of images that cause sexual arousal, including photographs, videos,
and other visual materials. Some people see adults’ viewing of pornography as a _________ erotic
recreation that helps enhance the economy and men’s sexual lives. Others denounce pornography as
debasing and _________, arguing that it devalues and exploits women, increases _________ against
girls and women, and makes people more accepting of rape.
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