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Dental Anatomy

Description: Main topics of Human Anatomy are adult spinal cord, articulations, autonomic nervous system, blood, circulation, classification of joints, functions of heart, glands, gall bladder, general osteology, head and neck, human development, tissues, major control system, neural tissues, muscle tissues, naming of joints and mammary glands. It contains: Senses, Structures, Pathways, Receptors, Classification, Gustatory, Cochlea, Organ.
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Chapter 18:
General & Special Senses
1. Distinguish between general and specific senses
2. Classify receptors according to stimulus detected,
body location, and histological structure
3. Describe the structures of the ear and eye
4. Explain the pathways of sound in the ear and light in
the eye
5. Identify, describe, and discuss the receptors and
neural pathways involved in each of the five special
Chapter objectives:
Classification of Sensory System
by structural Complexity
4 general senses
5 special senses
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