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Project Management

Description: This lecture is part of lecture series on subject of Project Management at Tezpur University Gate. Instructor name is Rajkumari Vishaka. It includes: Generation, Screening, Project, Ideas, Environment, Corporate, Appraisal, Preliminary, Sources, Entrepreneur
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Generation and Screening of
Project Ideas
1. Generation of Ideas
2. Monitoring the Environment
3. Corporate Appraisal
4. Profit potential of Industries: Porter’s Model
5. Scouting for project ideas
6. Preliminary screening
7. Project rating index
8. Sources of positive net present value
9. On being an entrepreneur
1. Generation of Ideas
Stimulating the flow of ideas
SWOT analysis
Clear articulation of objectives
Cost reduction
Productivity improvement
Increase in capacity utilization
Improve in contribution margin
Expansion into promising fields
Fostering a conducive work environment
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