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Description: These are the lecture slides of Introduction to Biology. Key important points are: Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria, Collection of Techniques, Importance of Microbes, Fermentation Products, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Types of Viruses, Protein Capsids, Virion Particle
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Chapter 18:
The Genetics of
Viruses and
What is Microbiology?
Microbiology is the science that studies
Microorganisms, roughly, are those living things
that are too small to be seen with the naked eye
Microorganisms cannot be distinguished
phylogenetically from “Macroorganisms”, e.g.,
includes fungi as well as bacteria, etc. (that is,
they are not, as a whole, a closely related group
of organisms)
Microbiology is more a collection of techniques:
Aseptic technique, Pure culture technique,
Microscopic observation of whole organisms, etc.
A microbiologist usually first isolates a specific
microorganism from a population and then
cultures it
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