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Description: Homeostasis, Osmoregulation, Excretion, Osmosis, Osmoconformers, Osmotic Challenges, Osmoregulators, Hyperosmotic, Osmotic Regulation, Stenohaline, Hypoosmotic Regulators. Above mentioned terms and points represent this lecture of general zoology course. A full series of lectures can be found in my documents.
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Homeostasis refers to maintaining
internal stability within an organism and
returning to a particular stable state after
a fluctuation.
Changes to the internal environment
come from:
Metabolic activities require a supply of
materials (oxygen, nutrients, salts, etc) that
must be replenished.
Waste products are produced that must be
Systems within an organism function in
an integrated way to maintain a constant
internal environment around a setpoint.
Small deviations in pH, temperature,
osmotic pressure, glucose levels, & oxygen
levels activate physiological mechanisms to
return that variable to its setpoint.
Negative feedback
Osmoregulation & Excretion
Osmoregulation regulates solute
concentrations and balances the gain
and loss of water.
Excretion gets rid of metabolic wastes.
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