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Immigration Law

Description: This lecture discuss a topic on Immigration Law. Key points of the lecture are: Illegal Aliens, US Immigration, Immigration Act, Immigration Reform and Control Act, Illegal Immigration Reform, Legal Immigration, Permanent Residency Status, Current Immigration Figures, National Security, Pro Arguments
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Should Illegal Aliens Currently Living
in the United States be Granted
Permanent Residency Status?
A Brief History of U.S. Immigration
In 1790, an act was adopted establishing a
uniform requirement of 2 years of residency
for naturalization to the U.S.
In 1875, a direct federal regulation of
immigration was established by a law that
prohibited the entry of prostitutes and convicts.
In 1891, the Bureau of Immigration was
established under the Treasury Department to
federally administer all immigration laws.
A Brief History of U.S. Immigration
The Immigration Act of 1924 focused on
restricting immigration from Southern and
Eastern Europeans. (2% Rule)
The Nationals Origins Formula of 1929 made
the quotas of the 1924 act permanent,
excluding Asians.
The Immigration and Naturalization Act of
1952 (McCarran-Walter Act) combined the
multiple laws which governed immigration
and naturalization at that time into one
comprehensive statute with four parts.
A Brief History of U.S. Immigration
The Immigration Act of 1965 (Hart-Cellar Act)
changed the criteria for admitting immigrants from
concentrating on their nationality to focusing on their
skills and profession.
The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
granted amnesty to illegal aliens who had been in the
U.S. before 1982 and made it a crime to hire an
illegal alien.
The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant
Responsibility Act of 1996 adopted stronger penalties
against illegal immigration and streamlined the
deportation process.
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