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Criminal Law

Description: It is the Lecture Slides of Criminal Law which includes Inchoate Crimes, Conspiracy and Solicitation, Finished Committing, Crime Intended, Dilemma Inchoate, Free Societies, Inchoate Offenses etc. Key important points are:Justifications, Major Transformation, Actions, Affirmative, Justified and Excused Conduct, Kill or Be Killed, Understand the Differences, Self Defense, Stand Your Ground Rule, Retreat Rule
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Chapter Five
Defenses to Criminal
Learning Objectives
That the law of self defense is undergoing
major transformation.
That defendants are not criminally liable if
their actions were justified under the
That defendants are not criminally liable if
they were not responsible for their actions.
Understand how the affirmative defenses
operate in justified and excused conduct.
Learning Objectives (cont.)
Appreciate that self-defense limits the use of deadly
force to those who reasonably believe they are faced
with the choice to kill or be killed right now.
To know and understand the differences, of the four
elements of self-defense.
Appreciate the historic transformation of retreat and
its shaping of the stand-your-ground rule and the
retreat rule.
Understand the retreat rule and appreciate its
historic transformation.
Learning Objectives (cont.)
Understand that there is no duty to retreat from
your own home to avoid using deadly force.
Appreciate that the “New Castle Doctrine” laws are
transforming the law of self-defense.
That the choice to commit a lesser crime to avoid
an imminent threat of harm from a greater crime is
That the defense of consent represents the high
value placed on individual autonomy in a free
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