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Cognitive Psychology

Description: Knowledge Representation and Organization, Organization of Declarative Knowledge, Concepts and Categories, Semantic Network Mod, Schematic Representations, Representations of Procedural Knowledge, Integrative Models for Representing, Declarative and Nondeclarative Knowledge, Combining Representations, Models Based on Human Brain are some points from this lecture of Cognitive Psychology course.
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Knowledge Representation
and Organization
1. Organization of Declarative Knowledge
1. Concepts and Categories
2. Semantic Network Models
3. Schematic Representations
2. Representations of Procedural Knowledge
3. Integrative Models for Representing
Declarative and Nondeclarative Knowledge
1. Combining Representations: ACT-R
2. Models Based on the Human Brain
3. Parallel Processing: The Connectionist Model
As quickly and as legibly as possible, write your
normal signature, from the first letter of your first
name to the last letter of your last name.
Now as quickly and as legibly as possible, write
your signature backward.
Which signature was more easily and accurately
Procedural Knowledge versus
Declarative Knowledge
Declarative Knowledge
The what of knowledge representations
Procedural Knowledge
Involves some degree of skill, which increases as a
result of practice
The how (the process) of knowledge representation
Previous slide
For both signatures, you had available extensive
declarative knowledge of which letters precede or
followed one another, but for the first task, you also
could call on procedural knowledge, based on years
of knowing how to sign your name
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