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Description: Lipids, Basic Structure, What is a Lipid?, Any Substance That is Insoluble in Water, Saturated Fatty Acid, Charged Vs Neutral, Saturated Vs Unsaturated, Esterified Vs Non-Esterified, Odd Chain Vs Even Chain, Anatomy of a C14 Saturated Fatty Acid are main points of this lecture.
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Basic Structure
Thought for today: If someone calls you a “FAT HEAD”,
first compliment them on their biochemical insight,
before you punch them in their fat head”.
What is a Lipid?
Any substance that is insoluble in water but
soluble in organic solvents
Does this mean any water insoluble compound?
What are some examples I would recognize?
Cholesterol….a steroid
Stearic acid….a saturated fatty acid
Oleic acid…an unsaturated fatty acid
Bees wax….a fatty acid ester
Vitamins A,D,E,K…the fat-soluble vitamins
Tripalmitin…a triacylglycerol
Lecithin…a membrane glycerophospholipid
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