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Discrete Mathematics

Description: Some concept of Discrete Math are Unique Path, Addition Rule, Clay Mathematics, Complexity Theory, Correspondence Principle, Discrete Mathematics, Group Theory, Random Variable, Major Concepts. Main points of this lecture are: Loop Invariants, Simple, Examples, Involve, Selection Sort, Further Information, Loop Invariant, Inductive, Statement, Loop Invariant
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Discrete aths
to show the use of induction for proving properties of code involving loops
use induction to prove that functions work
introduce pre- and post- conditions,
loop termination
2. Loop Invariants
1. What is a Loop Invariant?
2. Three simple examples
they involve while loops
3. Selection Sort
4. Further Information
1. What is a Loop Invariant?
A loop invariant is an inductive statement
which says something which is always true
about a program loop.
Loop invariants are useful for:
code specification
A loop invariant is typically written as an
inductive statement S(n), where n is some
changing element of the loop. For
the loop counter/index
a loop variable which changes on each
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