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Description: Main points of this lecture are: Loss, Grief and Death, Grief or Grieving Grief, Emotional Reaction, Stages of Grief Reaction, Kubler Ross, Death Reactions, Principles of Palliative Care, Hospice Care, Ethical and Legal Dimensions, Grief and Dying
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Loss, Grief and Death
Loss, Grief, Dying
Class Objectives
The nursing student will
nurses role in loss,
grief, death and dying
emotional reactions to
Engles stages of grief
Kubler-Ross Grief and
Death Reactions
legal and ethic
dilemmas with death
and dying
to create a nursing care
plan for a death and
dying patient.
Occurs when a
valued person,
object, or situation
is changed
Actual Loss
Perceived loss
Anticipated loss
Physical loss
Psychological loss
Grief or Grieving-Grief is the
Emotional Reaction to Loss
Bereavement- state of
grieving during which a
person goes through
grief reaction.
Mourning-period of
acceptance of loss and
grief during which the
person learns to deal
with the loss.
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