Measuring the Cost of Living - Introduction to Macroeconomics - Lecture Slides, Slides for Introduction to Macroeconomics

Introduction to Macroeconomics

Description: This course discusses the important economic theories and concepts that facilitate understanding economic events and questions. Its main focus is on analyzing the behavior of important economic aggregates such as national income, unemployment, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates and economics growth. Key points of this lecture are: Measuring the Cost of Living, Consumer Price Index, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Compute the Inflation Rates, Compute the Basket's Cost, Compute the Inflation Rate, Inflation Rate, Consumer Price Index, Substitution Bias, Introduction of New Goods Show more
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Measuring the Cost
of Living
The Cost of Living
We need all sorts of things to live
These things are typically not free
So, what’s the cost of living the way we
actually live? That is, what’s the cost of buying
the things we buy?
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