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Description: These are the lecture slides of Introduction to Biology. Key important points are: Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Hereditary Material, Griffith Experiment, Double Helix, Strand Complementarity, Antiparallel Strands, Meselson-Stahl Experiment, Semiconservative DNA Replication
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Chapter 16:
The Molecular
Basis of Inheritance
The Hereditary Material
Chromosomes consist of both DNA and Protein
DNA was discovered before its role in heredity
was understood
People had a sense that chromosomes
embodied inheritance before they understood
that DNA was the hereditary material
People did not want to believe that DNA was the
hereditary material since it is not complex
Instead, people believed that proteins must be
the hereditary materialthey were wrong
Transformation (I.e., Griffith’s experiment, which
is mediated by DNA) was discovered before it
was understood that it was mediated by DNA