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Description: These are the lecture slides of Marine Biology. Key important points are: Multi Cellular Primary Producers, Seaweeds and Plants, Marine Algae, Macroalgae, Phytoplankton, Body of Macroalgae, Pneumatocysts, Alteration of Generations, Types of Marine Algae
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Chapter 6
Multi-cellular Primary Producers:
Seaweeds and Plants
Marine Algae
Marine algae are important primary _____
These algae are called by a generic term
seaweeds” or more formal term macroalgae
or phytoplankton
While some are thought to be the pre-cursors
of plants, algae do not have the same
advanced structures seen in plants such as
roots, stems and leaves
Marine Algae
The body of a macroalgae is known as a ____.
This thallus can be simple or more advanced in its
In some algae, there are:
Blades leaf-like structures
Stipes – stem-like structures
Holdfast – root-like structures
(these structures lack the advanced conducting tissues seen
in true plants)
Marine Algae
Some algae have pneumatocysts, (gas-filled
bladders) to keep blades near the waters
surface for light/photosynthesis
The blades, stipes and pneumatocysts of the
giant kelp ( a brown algae) are shown in Fig.
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