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Description: Main points of this exam paper are: Mutual Exclusion, Multiprocess Program, Critical Section, Execution Sequence, Execution Sequence, Virtual Address, Ultimately Translated
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Operating Systems Comprehensive Examination
Spring Quarter, 2002
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1. (10 pts) Synchronization.
Consider Peterson’s algorithm for mutual exclusion, given below:
int in0 = 0, in1 = 0, turn;
while (1) {
in0 = 1;
turn = 1;
while (in1 && turn == 1) ;
critical section
in0 = 0;
while (1) {
in1 = 1;
turn = 0;
while (in0 && turn == 0) ;
critical section;
in1 = 0;
Suppose the critical section code for each process is a short operation, such as an increment instruc-
tion. If you were to run this multiprocess program on operating systems (such as Unix) that use a time
sliced round robin scheduler, you would find that initially the rate that the processes enter their critical
sections would be fast, but after some time elapsed their rate would suddenly become dramatically
(a) Explain this behavior by giving an execution sequence that results in the slower rate of entrance
into critical sections.
(b) How could you predict the amount by which the rate would be decreased?
(c) Can you think of a way to fix the problem so that the rate the processes enter the critical sections
remain fast no matter what their execution sequence is? Be as creative as you need to be, but do
not spend too much time on this part of the question; if no idea immediately occurs to you, say
so and move on.
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