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Description: These are the Lecture Slides of Distributed Operating Systems which includes Neumann Bottleneck, Networked Information, Memory Hierarchy, Evidence, Latency, Communication, Intelligent Service, Communication Latency, Routing Path etc.Key important points are: Name Services, Experimental Computer, Contained, Information, Single Management Domain, Standardized Connectivity, Computers, Traffic and Load Problems, Consistency Problems, Increasing Number
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Name Services
ARPAnet – experimental computer network
(late 1960s)
hosts.txt – a file that contained all the
information about every host on the
Single management domain
TCP/IP standardized connectivity to
ARPAnet for all computers (early 1980s)
hosts.txt – traffic and load problems
file consistency problems
Increasing number of users
NIC had no control over host names
NIC called for a replacement of the current
Centralized system
Single-host bottleneck
Paul Mockapertis created the Domain Name
Service (DNS) in 1984.
Distributed database
Hierarchical structure
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