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Communication Systems

Description: This lecture is part of lecture series on Communication Systems. It was delivered by Dr. Sachet Khatri at Ankit Institute of Technology and Science. It includes: Network, Management, Optimization, Capabilities, Resources, System, Depth, PSTN, Functions, Performance, Deterioration, Routing, Configuration
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Network Management 1
“Effective network management optimizes a
telecommunication network’s operational
capabilities and resources - Optimization.”
• System Depth - A Network Management
• Network Management - From A PSTN
Network Management 2
Network Management Functions
Some of the primary functions of network management
can be listed as follows:
It keeps the network operating at peak performance.
It informs the operator of impending deterioration.
It provides easy alternative routing and work
arounds when deterioration or failure takes place.
It also provides the tools for pinpointing the causes
of performance deterioration or failure.
It serves as the front-line command post for network
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