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Description: Organic Compound, Carboxylic Acid, Functional Group, Quaternary Amine, Phosphate Ester, Carboxylate, Phosphoanhydride, Typical Eukaryotic Cell, Cohesiveness and Adhesiveness, Boiling Point and Melting Point are some points from questions given in this exam. This is past exam paper. Past exam papers are always helpful in exam preparation and self assessment.
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Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh GX_____
National University of Ireland, Galway
Semester I Examinations 2007 / 2008
Exam Code(s) 2BS1, 2BO1, 2BY1
Exam(s) 2nd Science
Module Code(s) BI204
Module(s) Biomolecules in the Cell
Paper No.
Repeat Paper Yes
External Examiner(s) Dr. Paul McLaughlin
Internal Examiner(s) Dr. L. Byrnes, Dr. J. Donlon, Dr. L. O’Connor,
Dr. J. O’Keeffe, Dr. M. Tuohy.
Instructions: Section A (25 marks)
Answer all questions. In all questions there is only ONE correct
answer. Record your answers on the OPTICAL READER
Section B, C, D and E (25 marks/ question: 20 marks for part A
of each question and 5 marks for part B)
Answer 3 questions, one only from each section.
Answer questions from each section on a SEPARATE answer
Duration 3 hours
No. of Pages 12
Department(s) Biochemistry
Course Co-ordinator(s) Dr. Lynn O’Connor
Other Material MCQ optical reader sheet
Answer all questions in Section A
All questions carry equal marks
Section A is equal to 25 marks
In all questions there is only ONE correct answer
Do not write answers on this sheet. USE OPTICAL READER SHEETS ONLY
1. What organic compound is illustrated below
A) an alcohol
B) a aldehyde
C) a ketone
D) a carboxylic acid
2. What organic compound is illustrated below
A) a thiol
B) a primary amine
C) an aldehyde
D) a ketone
3. Identify the organic compound illustrated below
A) a primary amine
B) a secondary amine
C) a tertiary amine
D) a quaternary amine
4. Identify the functional group illustrated below
A) hydroxyl
B) acyl
C) carbonyl
D) thiol
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