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Description: These are the lecture slides of Socio Economic Impact of Plants. Key important points are: Ornamental Plants, Naming Ornamentals, Cultivar Names, Types of Ornamentals, Asteraceae Ornamental Family, Variations on Theme, Inspiration for Big Orange, Polyploidy Breeding Tool
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Ornamental Plants
1. Describe a factor that could result in a plant having a
leaf that has a coloration other than solid green.
2. Describe a feature of the UTIA Gardens that you
particularly liked.
Naming Ornamentals
Difficulties introduced by the nature of ornamentals:
- often hybrids
- many are sterile, propagated vegetatively
- mutants with striking features propagated vegetatively to
retain features
- marketing
International Code of Horticultural Nomenclature sets of rules
governing assignment of cultivar names
Some widely grown plants may have a registry of cultivar
Cultivar Names
2. Variation within cultivated plants
- “variety” – widely (and still) used
- cultivar (cultivated variety)
Used to denote an assemblage of cultivated plants that is
clearly distinguished by some character(s) and that following
reproduction retains its distinguishing character(s)
Cultivar name is written in any language except for Latin
Cultivar name can be combined with a generic, specific, or
common name:
Citrullus cv. Crimson Sweet;
watermelon cv. Crimson Sweet;
Citrullus lanatus cv. Crimson Sweet
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