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Description: Partial Slope Coefficients, Econometric Study, Steps Involved in Conduct, Coefficient of Multiple Determination, Confidence Interval, Regression Relationship, Consequences for OLS are points from questions of the Introduction to Econometrics exam.
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Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh GX_____
National University of Ireland, Galway
Examinations 2010/2011
Exam Code(s) 3BA1, 3BA5, 3BA6, 4BA4, 4BA8, 1EM1, 1OA1, 3BC1,
4BC2, 4BC3, 4BC4, 4BC5, 1EK3, 1EK2, 1EK3, 3FM1
Exam(s) B.A., B.A. (ESS), B.A. (PSP), B.A. (Int’l), Erasmus,
Occasional, B.Comm., B.Comm. (Language),
H.Dip.Econ.Sc. 3rd B.Sc.(Fin. Maths & Economics)
Module Code(s) EC422
Module(s) Applied Econometrics
Paper No.
Repeat Paper 1
External Examiner(s) Dr Pat McGregor
Internal Examiner(s) Professor John McHale
Professor Ciaran O’Neill
Instructions: Answer any four questions
Duration 2 hours
No. of Pages
Department(s) Economics
Course Co-ordinator(s) Ciaran O’Neill
Statistical Tables
Graph Paper
EC422 Applied Econometrics Resit 2011
All questions carry equal marks.
Students answer four questions in 2 hours
a. Briefly detail the steps involved in the conduct of an econometric study (8
b. Outline the principles underlying ordinary least squares regression
analysis (9 marks)
c. Distinguish between the coefficient of multiple determination and the
adjusted coefficient of multiple determination. Which would use when
assessing a regression function and why? (8 marks)
2a. Give an account of the desirable properties of an estimator (7 marks)
b. Construct the 95% confidence intervals for the predicted value of Y in the
following regression function when X = 262.5 and when X = 345. (10
Y = 7.6182 + 0.0814X1i
Where n = 10, X = 262.5, σ2= 6.4864 and Σxi2= 51562
c. Interpret and comment on the confidence interval (8 marks)
You are given the following data based on 15 observations:
Y = 0.2033; X1= 1.2873; X2= 8.0; Σyi2= 0.016353
Σx1i2= 0.359609; Σx2i2= 280; Σx1iyi= 0.066196
Σx2iyi= 1.60400; Σx1ix2i = 9.82000
(Note, lower case letters denote deviations about the mean)
a. Estimate the intercept and partial slope coefficients (12 marks)
b. Test the statistical significance of each slope coefficient using α= 0.05 (8
c. Comment on the regression relationship (5 marks)
4a. What is multi-collinearity and what are its consequences for OLS
estimators (12 marks)
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