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Organizational Behaviour

Description: Dr. Lalita Shikha delivered this lecture at Mizoram University for Organizational Behaviour course. Its main points are: Perception, Individual, Decision, Making, Attribute, Theory, Bounded, Rationality, Creativity
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Bob Stretch
Southwestern College
Robbins & Judge
Organizational Behavior
13th Edition
Perception and Individual Decision
Chapter Learning Objectives
After studying this chapter, you should be able to:
Define perception and explain the factors that influence it.
Explain attribute theory and list the three determinants of
Identify the shortcuts individuals use in making judgments about
Explain the link between perception and decision making.
Apply the rational model of decision-making and contrast it with
bounded rationality and intuition.
List and explain the common decision biases or errors.
Explain how individual differences and organizational constraints
affect decision-making.
Contrast the three ethical decision criteria.
Define creativity and discuss the three-component model of
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