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Soil Mechanics and Foundations

Description: This lecture is delivered by Dr. Lanbo Liu at University of Connecticut. Permeability in Soils, Importance of Permeability, Use of Permeability, Permeability, Bernoulli’s Equation, Confined Aquifer, Darcy’s Law, Hydraulic Conductivity, Constant Head Test, Permeameter, Constant Head, Falling Head Test
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CE 240
Soil Mechanics & Foundations
Lecture 4.3
Permeability I
(Das, Ch. 6)
Outline of this Lecture
1. Permeability in Soils
2. Bernoulli’s Equation
3. Darcy’s Law
4. Hydraulic Conductivity
5. Hydraulic Conductivity Tests
Due to the existence of the inter-connected
voids, soils are permeable. The permeable
soils will allow water flow from points of high
energy to points of low energy.
Permeability is the parameter to characterize
the ability of soil to transport water.
Permeability in Soils
Permeability is the measure of the soil’s
ability to permit water to flow through its
pores or voids
It is one of the most important soil
properties of interest to geotechnical
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