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Description: Some concept of Physics are Adiabatic Process, Aircraft Carrier, Interference, Isothermal, Pressure, Reflection, Specific Heat, Thermodynamics, Transistor, Third Terminal, Preceded. Main points of this lecture are: Pressure, Ratio, Area, Force, Applied, Direction Perpendicular, Surface, Object, Effect, Force Applied
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Pressure is the ratio of
force to the area over
which that force is
distributed. In other
words, pressure is force
per unit area applied in a
direction perpendicular to
the surface of an object
Pressure is the effect of a force applied to a
surface. Pressure is the amount of force acting
per unit area. The symbol of pressure is p
p is the pressure, F is the normal force, A is
the area of the surface area on contact
Pressure is a scalar quantity. It relates the vector
surface element (a vector normal to the surface) with
the normal force acting on it. The pressure is the
scalar proportionality constant that relates the two
normal vectors.
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