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Description: In this document topics covered which are Process Decision Program Chart, What is PDPC?, Steps in Constructing PDPC, Example: Plan Successful Conference,Developments.
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[Rajesh Dhake]
Process Decision Program Chart
§It is An Extension of Tree Diagram
§It is A Useful Tool To Map Out Risks /
Contingencies That May Occur In Future
§It Also Suggests Counter-measures To Avoid
These Risks / Contingencies
§It is Used When
lTask Is New or Unique or Complex
lPotential Failure has Great Risks
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[Rajesh Dhake]
Process Decision Program Chart
§Programs Do Not Always Go According to
Plan Or As Anticipated
§Unexpected Developments May Lead To
Deviations Causing Serious Consequences
§PDPC Anticipates the Possible Deviations &
Enables to Take Countermeasures To Avoid
Adverse Circumstances
§PDPC Avoids Surprises & Identifies Possible
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