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Description: In this document topics covered which are Process Decision Program Chart, What is PDPC?, Steps in Constructing PDPC, Example: Plan Successful Conference,Developments.
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[Rajesh Dhake]
Process Decision Program Chart
§It is An Extension of Tree Diagram
§It is A Useful Tool To Map Out Risks /
Contingencies That May Occur In Future
§It Also Suggests Counter-measures To Avoid
These Risks / Contingencies
§It is Used When
lTask Is New or Unique or Complex
lPotential Failure has Great Risks
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[Rajesh Dhake]
Process Decision Program Chart
§Programs Do Not Always Go According to
Plan Or As Anticipated
§Unexpected Developments May Lead To
Deviations Causing Serious Consequences
§PDPC Anticipates the Possible Deviations &
Enables to Take Countermeasures To Avoid
Adverse Circumstances
§PDPC Avoids Surprises & Identifies Possible
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[Rajesh Dhake]
What is PDPC?
§A Tool to Help Brainstorm Possible
Contingencies or Problems Associated with
the Implementation of Some Program or
§A Tool that Encourages Team Members to
Think About What Can Happen to a Program
/ Process & How Countermeasures can be
Taken To Overcome Contingencies
§A Tool that Provides the Mechanism to
Effectively Minimize Uncertainty in an
Implementation Plan
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[Rajesh Dhake]
§Step 1:
lState The Objective -A Program / Plan /
Process / Activity
Steps in Constructing PDPC
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