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Computer Architecture

Description: Programming the basic computer, Machine Language, Assembly Language, Assembler, Program Loops, Input Output Programming, Subroutines are the topics professor discussed in class.
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Machine Language
Assembly Language
Program Loops
Programming Arithmetic and Logic Operations
Input-Output Programming
Symbol Hexa code Description
Those concerned with computer architecture should
have a knowledge of both hardware and software
because the two branches influence each other.
m: effective address
M: memory word (operand)
found at m
AND 0 or 8 AND M to AC
ADD 1 or 9 Add M to AC, carry to E
LDA 2 or A Load AC from M
STA 3 or B Store AC in M
BUN 4 or C Branch unconditionally to m
BSA 5 or D Save return address in m and branch to m+1
ISZ 6 or E Increment M and skip if zero
CLA 7800 Clear AC
CLE 7400 Clear E
CMA 7200 Complement AC
CME 7100 Complement E
CIR 7080 Circulate right E and AC
CIL 7040 Circulate left E and AC
INC 7020 Increment AC, carry to E
SPA 7010 Skip if AC is positive
SNA 7008 Skip if AC is negative
SZA 7004 Skip if AC is zero
SZE 7002 Skip if E is zero
HLT 7001 Halt computer
INP F800 Input information and clear flag
OUT F400 Output information and clear flag
SKI F200 Skip if input flag is on
SKO F100 Skip if output flag is on
ION F080 Turn interrupt on
IOF F040 Turn interrupt off
Instruction Set of the Basic Computer
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