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Description: Proximal Humerus Fractures, Heterotopic Bone, Brachial Plexus, Ossification Centers, Physeal Scar Closure, Proximal Humeral Retroversion, Epicondylar Axis, Rotator Cuff Muscles are some points from this lecture. This lecture is for Orthopaedics Trauma course. This lecture is part of a complete lectures series on the course you can find in my uploaded files.
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Proximal Humerus
Bimodal: young-high
energy, elderly-low
45% of all humerus fx.
elderly females 4:1
over males
77% of all prox. hum.
fractures female
Consequences/Associated Injuries
Disabilities often underestimated
Loss of motion
Loss of reduction
heterotopic bone
Associated Injuries
rotator cuff
nerve(axillary, brachial plexus)
scapula, clavicle
Appearance of
Ossification Centers
epiphysis 4mo
Gr. Tub. 3yr
L. Tub. 5yr
Physeal scar closure
20-22 yrs.
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