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Description: During the study of discrete mathematics, I found this course very informative and applicable.The main points in these lecture slides are:Recursion, Recursively Defined Sequences, Recurrence Relation, Tower of Hanoi, Recursive Procedure, Recursive Formula for Compound Interest, Explicit Formula, Proof by Induction, Integer Coefficients, Empty String
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Recursively defined sequences
To define a sequence recursively:
give initial conditions, i.e., the values of the first
few terms explicitly;
give a recurrence relation, i.e., an equation that
relates later terms in the sequence to earlier
Define the following sequence recursively:
1, 4, 7, 10, 13, …
Solution: a1 = 1, an = an-1 + 3 for n≥2
Recursion is one of the central
ideas of computer science
To solve a problem recursively
Break it down into smaller subproblems each
having the same form as the original problem;
When the process is repeated many times, the
last of the subproblems are small and easy to
The solutions of the subproblems can be woven
together to form a solution to the original problem.
Example: The tower of Hanoi
You may only move one disk at a time.
A disk may only be moved to one of the three columns.
You must never place a larger disk on top of a smaller disk.
Tower of Hanoi:
Move disks from left pole to right pole
Pole A Pole B Pole C Pole A Pole B Pole C
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