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Description: Role of Taxation, Different Economic Climates, Growth and Recessionary Climates, Direct Taxation, Indirect Taxation, Taxable Income, Depreciation Charge, Taxable Income. This exam paper is going to be searched most because new students need it. This past exam is for Introduction to Taxation course.
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Autumn Examinations 2008/ 2009
Exam Code(s) 3BC1,4BC2,4BC3,4BC4,4BC5,1EM1,1OA1
Exam(s) 3rd BComm,4th BComm International, Erasmus, Visiting
Module Code(s) AY308
Module(s) Taxation I
Paper No. 1 of 1
Repeat Paper Yes
External Examiner(s) Professor B. O’Dwyer
Internal Examiner(s) Professor S. Collins, Dr. E. Mulligan
Answer Question 1 in Section A
and TWO questions from Section B
Duration 2 ½ Hours
No. of Pages 7
Department(s) Accountancy and Finance
Course Co-ordinator(s) Emer Mulligan
Statistical/ Log Tables
Cambridge Tables
Graph Paper
Log Graph Paper
Other Materials Table of rates of taxation included
Question 1
Part (a)
(i) Discuss the role of taxation in the economy. You should make specific reference
to this role in different economic climates i.e. growth and recessionary climates.
(ii) Briefly compare and contrast direct and indirect forms of taxation.
(15 Marks)
Part (b)
John Ahearne is a single Irish citizen who is an employee of IrishCo Ltd. John was
made redundant on November 1, 2008.
On being made redundant, John received the following from the company:
Statutory redundancy 7,000
Payment in lieu of notice 20,000
Company computer & printer 1,500
Compensation payment 35,000
Previously earned holiday pay 3,000
Additional information relating to John:
Company lump-sum payment received under a
revenue-approved pension scheme 8,000
Annual 12-month taxable BIK 2,000
John’s average annual taxable cash salary over last
36 months (he has worked for IrishCo Ltd
21 years and 8 months) 42,000
Calculate John’s 2008 taxable income based on the above information, showing all
calculations clearly. (15 Marks)
Total: 30 Marks
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