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Fluid Mechanics

Description: Main points of this past exam are: Sluice Gate, Sluice Gate Consists, Quadrant, Water, Level, Resultant Force, Width, Moment Required, Turning, Sketches Archimedes
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Semester 2 Examinations 2011/12
Module Title: Fluid Mechanics
Module Code: MECH7006
School: Mechanical & Process Engineering
Programme Title: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours ) in Mechanical Engineering (DME_2)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Structural Engineering (DSE_2)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Biomedical Engineering (DBE_2)
Programme Code: EMECH _8_Y2
External Examiner(s): Mr John J Hayes, Prof Sean Leen, Mr John O’ Mahony, Dr Mark Richardson,
Mr Gary Clerkin, Dr Laoise McNamara
Internal Examiner(s): Mr Paul D O’Sullivan
Instructions: Attempt any three questions. (33 marks each)
Duration: 2 hours
Sitting: Autumn 2012
Requirements for this examination:
Note to Candidates: Please check the Programme Title and the Module Title to ensure that you have received the
correct examination paper.
If in doubt please contact an Invigilator.
Q1 Fluid Statics
a) A sluice gate consists of a quadrant of a circle of radius 1.5m pivoted at its centre O. Its
centre of gravity is at G, as Shown in fig 1. When the water is level with the pivot O,
calculate the magnitude and direction of the resultant force on the gate due to the water
and the turning moment required to open the gate. The width of the gate is 3m and it has a
mass of 6000kg. (14 Marks)
b) Discuss with the aid of sketches Archimedes principle and the relative positions of a floating
bodies centre of gravity, center of pressure and metacentric height under stable and
unstable configurations. (3 Marks)
c) A ship has a displacement of 5000 metric tonnes. The second moment of area of the
waterline section about a fore and aft axis is 12000m4 and the centre of buoyancy is 2m
below the centre of gravity. The radius of gyration is 3.7m. Calculate the period of
oscillation. Sea water has a density of 1025 kgm-3. (16 Marks)
Q2 Fluid Momentum
a) Derive the momentum equation for 2 and 3 dimensional flow along a streamline. Include a
sketch in your answer outlining the different velocity components. (13 marks)
Fig 1: sluice gate
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