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Marketing Management

Description: Strengths and Weaknesses, Fundamental Characteristics, Integrated Marketing Communications, Communications Strategy, Generate Trial Usage, Retailers and Consumers, Manufacturers, Word of Mouth, Influence and Generating, Buzz for Brands. This past exam paper is for Management student who also study marketing.
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Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh
National University of Ireland, Galway.
Exam Code(s): 1BCE1, 1BCE2, 1BCE5
Exam(s): Forth Year Part-time B.Comm. Degree
Mode Code(s): MK 441.4
Paper No.: 1.
Repeat Paper: ____ Special Paper: ____
External Examiner(s): Professor Christopher Easingwood
Internal Examiner(s): Dr. Declan Fleming
Ms. Orla Higgins
Instructions: Please answer three questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
Duration: Two hours.
No. of Answer Books:
Other Material
No. of Pages: Two including cover page.
Discipline(s): Marketing
Please answer three questions.
1. Define and discuss, giving examples, the fundamental characteristics and underlying
philosophy of Integrated Marketing Communications.
2. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of two of the following methods of traditional
mass media advertising:
(a) Television
(b) Newspapers
(c) Radio.
(a) Outline the reasons why an organisation would use consumer sales promotions as
part of its marketing communications strategy. (50 marks)
(b) Explain sampling and describe three sampling methods that can be used by
organisations in order to generate trial usage of products. (50 marks)
(a) What are the benefits of P-O-P displays to both retailers and consumers?
(50 marks)
(b) Outline the reasons as to why some P-O-P materials go unused and describe how
manufacturers can encourage retailers to use their P-O-P materials. (50 marks)
5. Managing word-of-mouth influence and generating buzz for brands is a key component
of any marketing communications strategy. Discuss.
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