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Description: These are the lecture slides of Horticulture and key important points are: Types of Asexual Propagation, Tissue Culture, Grafting, Parts of Graft, Single Composite Plant, Influence Winter Hardiness, Success of Grafts Depends, Vascular Cambium, Graft Union Formation
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Major types of asexual propagation:
Micropropagation (tissue culture)
Grafting = joining together of plant parts so they
grow as a single composite plant
Asexual propagation
Two parts of graft
Scion = short piece of stem with several dormant buds
Stock = lower portion (stem and/or roots of another plant)
Stock chosen because:
»Control size of overall plant
Scion generally from the desired cultivar
»Influence the time to fruit maturity
»Influence winter hardiness
»Offer disease or stress resistance
Success of grafts depends on:
Asexual propagation
Correct seasonal timing of graft
Maintaining high humidity at graft union
Selecting closely related plants to graft
Lining up vascular cambium of scion with vascular
cambium of stock
Requires ‘clean’ cut of scion and stock
Grafting cannot be done with monocots because they
have scattered, rather than regular vascular bundles
Success of grafts depends on contact between
vascular cambiums of scion and stock
Asexual propagation
vascular cambium = layer between bark and inner wood of
dicot stem
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